Lina Buck

28 April - 20 May, 2023

In-between the Past, Present and Potential Future(s) investigates an existence within liminal space. Presenting notions of viewing as unfolding and continuing Buck’s research in contemporaneity as a perpetual state of becoming, — Things among other things moving forward (in space and time). Mapping actions in physical and digital space, the exhibition revels a lack of finality, instilling an abstracted timeline into pre-proposed linear narratives.

Vertical markers and lucid shapes outline the transitional-action as iterative, guiding digital processes as they create layers of colour and three-dimensional space. Movements ripple onwards and outwards, morphing and abstracting through means of capturing, documenting and re-presenting. In-between the Past, Present and Potential Future(s) presents a multitude of co-existing narratives, a state of ‘Becoming’ and moment(s) as unfolding. Where actions form layers upon actions as they map digital and physical spaces.