Liam Seear-Budd

21 October - 19 November, 2022

PRODUCE is pleased to present Missing Pieces, a solo exhibition by Liam Seear-Budd exploring concepts of friendship, love, loss and tragedy and offers a compelling visual representation of seeking to understand and piece together the complexity and mystery of relationships.

Liam Seear-Budd is a Melbourne based multidisciplinary artist working across mediums of painting, sculpture, and photography. Best known for his layered approach to glass painting, Liam’s experimental practice stands as an evolution of nostalgia and past experience.

Harnessing feelings and emotions as the driving force of the creative process, each of the 9 pieces on display has undergone an extensive process of revision as it was moulded and coaxed into its fully realised form, a process which Liam describes as being akin to therapy for him.

Melding hallucinatory elements with nostalgic references into a kaleidoscope of fragments that swirl together, the works emulate the feeling of trying to recall details of a dream; the emotions remaining clear while the details evade attempts at focus and order.

– Miles Scott