Kareem Soliman

30 June - 29 July, 2023

Heroes & Villains explores the creation of archetypes through symbols that shape fundamental concepts of good, bad, hero, and villain.

Using a range of typographic formats and familiar imagery, Soliman invites viewers to consider their place within the systems that they inhabit and the beliefs and ideals that have been formed and manipulated through conscious consumption and unwitting participation.

While the mediums of influence may have changed over time, they have ultimately served a similar purpose of dictating trends, creating needs, desires and dislikes and systems to control thought and action; asking us to buy what is being sold both figuratively and literally without question. Through the creation of systems of ideals They have sought to create an Us that there might be a Them.

The continued propagation and alignment to assigned values speaks of a fundamental need to be told what to do, what is good, what is bad, what should be desired and what should be rejected - even despised, lest we lose our place and become relegated to join the ranks of Them.

Each work in the series investigates this theme from various perspectives, highlighting the profound impact of words and symbols and inviting viewers to reconsider the imposition of values and for whose benefit they serve.

Despite themes in the series that touch upon the flaws of institutionalised systems and imposed ideals, the highly polished and refined execution of the works invokes an overriding feeling of optimism and aspiration, encouraging the viewer to eschew imposed expectations, standards and ideals in favour of self-determination.

– Miles Scott