Jemima Lucas

20 January - 11 February, 2023

This body of work examines influences between material resistance and attraction, testing diverse gestures of force, through both proximity and repulsion.

Physical manifestations of thresholds explored through architectural modalities, irrevocably connect and implicate our bodies within an ecology of prolonged tensions and structural instability. Forces of which are never expelled - stirring a sensation of compounding and stacking impetus. 
Ensconcing one in a fertile space of the in-between — a lustrous liminality. 

Sculptural gestures propose a defilement of the idea of stability. Each proposed course of action resulting in dramatic disrupture.
Individual materials are positioned alongside, and against one another - as active enablers of the assemblage’s endurance and fallibility.  
Coaxing materials to trace perilous fence lines between destruction and activation - they are held in some kind of hostile embrace. 

Materials and mechanisms with prior association to structure and stability, demand a reorientation through their corruption. 
Objects that hold utilitarian qualities of strength and destruction, now rest in remission. This decentralisation of a material’s proposed nature enlists a redefinition of a mechanism’s modality.