Felix von Dallwitz

26 May - 24 June, 2023

Mirror Mirror presents the reflection as simulacra, subverting the truth telling qualities of the mirror. Chrome reflections become detached from reality, creating a distorted artificial hyper reality. Characterized by the erosion or disappearance of the original, left are only copies and simulations of digital non-spaces.

The exhibition situates itself at the intersection of oil painting and the aesthetics of text to image AI generated composition, flattening the technological timeline of analogue practice and the rapid proliferation of the algorithm. Von Dallwitz’s paintings are an attempt at AI self-representation, borrowing surrealist tropes and employing science fiction's ability to be a reflection on a reality as well as of it.

Felix von Dallwitz is a painter whose work oscillates between analogue and digital mediums and modes of production. Appropriating the conventions of the medium, his work seeks to interrogate painting’s role and function in a contemporary digital age. Often working in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence, von Dallwitz explores the automation of aesthetics and the visual languages of neural networks. Images materializing, the distance between screen and canvas shortening.